150 ships

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Video slot


92% - 94% - 96%


English, Italian


Desktop and All Mobile Devices





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150 ships win

Set sail with vikings in 150 Ships

Sail back in time to an era of legendary voyages and Norse conquests with 150 Ships, an exhilarating online slot game that immerses players in the rich tapestry of Viking history and the awe-inspiring world of seafaring vessels. Set against a backdrop of misty fjords and rugged landscapes, this game promises an epic journey through the annals of Viking lore.

The reels of 150 Ships are adorned with symbols that evoke the spirit of the Viking Age — fearsome warriors, intricately crafted weapons, and of course, majestic longships that once ruled the open seas.
With every spin, players are transported into the heart of a Viking adventure, where the promise of plunder and glory awaits.

The immersive graphics and stirring soundtrack of 150 Ships create an atmosphere that captures the essence of Viking exploration. Brace yourself for an epic maritime saga as you navigate the reels in pursuit of untold treasures and the thrill of a Viking conquest. In 150 Ships, the seas are calling, and the adventure is yours to claim!